How The Curse of the Timurides influenced Stalin



Who was Tamerlan and how the mystical curse associated with him influenced Stalin's war decisions?

Without regard to the medieval curse, Soviet archaeologists opened the tomb of Tamerlana. The Sacrilege was made on June 21, 1941, and a few hours later the war broke out with Germany, whose cruelty exceeded the bloody feats of the Asian conqueror.

Tamerlana Family

When in 1917, the Of the Imperial Empire, Russian philosophers frantically sought clarification of this unprecedented event, which turned out the historical logic. In the early 20th century. The 20TH century The fruit of intellectual efforts has become a historiosophical trend of Euroasians. The Concept explained that the historical driving force of Europe and Asia is a centuries-old conflict between the forests and the steers of the transcontinental state. From this point of view Bolshevism is another scene of the same empire, which for centuries lasted for the unmeasured Eurasian spaces, taking various forms and names. After all, in a similar geographical space, the Temudżyna (Genghis Khan) and Timur – Tamerlana empires existed in front of the Russian Tsin. In turn, Soviet Russia, followed by the Soviet UNION, in the bloody process of building totalitarianism replaced the Empire Of Romanovów.

So Much for an interesting, serious history with imperial scenes, but the related fate of Timura were rather similar to the adventures of the Heroes of "Fairy tale Scheherezady". So Tamerlan, actually Taamuur ibn Taragaiyi Barlas, or Timur syn Taragaja of Barforests, was born in 1336. In the present Uzbek. He was a descend of the Mongolian tribes, which led by Temudżyna to take over China, Central Asia, Perya and the Kiev Rus, creating the most sprawling state organism in the geopolitical history of the world. His Social and economic organization was subordinated strictly to military purposes – the next conquest. And as it happens with empires, after the death of his creator, the state fell apart into parts called the Ułusami (houses) or Ordami, which competed with each other for the palm of precedence.

Timur grew up in Ordzie Czagatajska, training from a small horse fight. As a young emir, a chieftain endowed with charisma and a sense of strategy, he gathered around himself a branch of "restless Spirits", with which he provided military services in numerous wars of power. He Befriended A similar Emil Husain from the family of Genghis (the descendants of the blood-Khan). In One of the nomadic wars, they both got captured and miraculously avoided selling to the slave market in Damascus. With time, when the Authority and fame of the emirs have risen, they decided to ambitious for power in the whole Czagatajskim. When the target reached, They became fierce enemies, and in the fratricidal war, Timur lost two fingers of his right hand. Then he took the wound, which stifled the right leg, which served to give the nickname Tamerlan, or Żelazny Kulawiec. After defeating Hussein, Timur was appointed a great emir, and after Marauding the wife of a killed competitor, also taking the Temudżyr dynasty.

Anointed on the divine chosen by Muslim clerics from Mecca began to build their own empire and in fact his entire reign was an uninterrupted period of conquest. He began by conquering Central Asia and Persia, and then conquered the Siberian Mogolistan and the White Orda. Then came the railways to the Golden Ordi, that is, the Caucasus and the Vocation. He Defeated the Turkish Seljus, joining the Middle East and reaching the Balkans. When, in the Battle of today's Ankaran, he had destroyed the Seljud army and captured the Sultan Bajazda, the conquered ruler ordered him to carry in a wooden cage. But the territorial achievements were not a case, and a thoroughly thought-out economic strategy. The Timurid Empire, with its capital in Samarkand, controlled the Silk trade Route from Asia to Europe. Tamerlana's reasons competed with merchants from both continents, and the European monarchs, who were afraid of the military power of the Empire, were accredited By their embassies. So they acted Kings of Aragon and England. Timur has yet to massacre Afghanistan and the Islamic counties of India when he died in 1405 after 40 years of conquest. Death occurred during the dream conquest of China.

Eurasian Conqueror was undoubtedly a child of his time, because the skills of directing the state and commercial sense mingle with him with extraordinary cruelty. When He could not get the Chorezm, he entered a sham room and already as an ally asked the defenders to send 12 thousand. Archers. Then he charged all his right hands and captured The city without any obstacle. During The conquest of Persia, he murdered all the adult inhabitants, and their heads were set in a giant, gruesome pyramid. When he rebelled with the bloody Sickly, he ordered the city to be aligned with the Earth, and his ruins should be grated and sown with the Jew. In the captured Bucharze on the orders of Timur all children over seven years have been stratised by Tyumen (10 thousand) of the horse. As for the army, Tamerlan not only played the military organization of Genghis Khan, but led it to perfection. In Addition to the traditional light and heavy cavalry, divided into hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands, he organized infantry, extremely effective in capturing cities and fortresses. To this end, he also created an engineering corps, divided into pontoon, siege and artillery troops. He was an excellent quartmaster and Logistykiem. The inhabitants of The Caucasus organized specialized mountain infantry units, and from the most elite formations of their own guards-troops of commandos and strategic reconnaissance.

On the other hand, Tamerlan was A righteous ruler. Conscious of the multietheness of the Empire has established a code of rights, which took the protection of simple farmers and craftsmen. Everyone wronged by the local administration had the right to appeal to the Sharian (religious) courts. If the allegation was confirmed, the culprit was handed Over to the victim who chose the type and size of the penalty. The same was true of military crimes, but the most interesting were anti-corruption laws. Timur, knowing that the bureaucrats will always steal, has predetermined the corrupt income of a balanced annual salary in a given position. However, when the official stole twice as often, he received half of his income and, in the case of a three-fold limit, he lost everything – including his head. Tamerlan was also the ruler of the light. He was Demolished by the captured cities, and then rebuilt beautifully, such as Baghdad and Damascus. The Capital of the Empire, Samarkand, turned into an oasis of poetry, painting and calligraphy, because the Iron Kulawiec from all conquered lands was brought by artists, craftsmen and architects. He was buried in a jade tomb placed in a magnificent mausoleum.

But as it is with the Eurasian Empires, Timurydzi, or his descendants, quickly began a war of succession, which led you to collapse. Even the beloved grandson Timur Uze Beg has managed to build the most magnificent astronomical observatory of the Middle Ages. His extremely accurate Atlas of Stars was incorporated by John Hevelius on the list of compulsory readings of each mathematician, serving astronomers until modern times. However, because of the Freemasons, Beg was murdered by fanatical Islamists, and the successive Timoures divided the fate of the descendants of Genghis Khan, becoming puppets in the hands of ambitious emirs. It wasn't the end of the dynasty. Born in 1483, Babur was exiled from Samarkand by the Uzbek commanders, but conquered Afghanistan and then India, giving rise to the Great Mogołów Empire, which survived until the 18TH century. It only Fell under the attack of the British East India Company's colonial troops. And How do you not believe in the historical logic of Euroasians?

The Curse of the Timurides

Tamerlana's Cruelty awakened the overcast fear of many generations, becoming the motif of many legends and predictions. Contemporary fascinated the age of 68 years, which he lived in Timur, unusual for the period of history, in which the average for a man was half the lower. As The Legends wish, the emperor owed vitality to the secret recipe gained with the conquered Georgian. The Opinion of Tamerlana's extraordinary physical condition was confirmed by the renowned Soviet anthropologist Gierasimov. Based On the state of the skeleton, it defined the parameters as typical for the 50-year-old from the first half of the 20TH century.

Has the aura of uniqueness that survived to the Soviet era decided to open the Tamerlana tomb? And What did archaeologists actually look for? Stalin himself gave his Personal consent to the study, although the pretext was an exhibition devoted to the history of the Timurids planned in the Leningrad Gallery of the Hermitage. Her main exhibit was to be the face of Tamerlana, reconstructed by Professor Gierasimowa – a pioneer in this area of archeology. As the supporters of conspiracy theories want, the real reason for violating the peace of the dead was to be unique technologies hidden in the tomers. The electromagnetic Studies of the Samarkand Timuride Mausoleum carried out in the 20s. The 20TH century Revealed numerous anomalies, as was believed to be associated with hidden objects in Sarcopagas. The Military, therefore, was supposed to discover extraordinary weapons, and historians of literature on the unknown poem and Eposy. Nor can it be ruled out that this is the reason why Stalin had overtaken all the precious treasures of culture in order to obtain funds for the purchase of foreign equipment and weapons.

In any case, it is indisparable, because the archiivally confirmed fact remains the arrival of Samarkand in early May 1941. Special Scientific expedition. She had to overcome the unwillingness of the Muslim Uzbeks, who, as a sign of protest against the unclean remains of the deceased, were gathered in front of the mausoleum. The Scientists were thus protected by the NKWD, and for the calming of moods the team included two Islamic clergyms. It helped, because when Stalin in a personal acknowledging was asked to finish the work until June 18th, archaeologists proceeded to open the Sarcopagens, starting from the burial sites of wives, sons and other descendants of Timura. Opening of the tomb of Ułgu Beka confirmed the historical messages indicating that he was murdered by cutting off his head.

When the team proceeded to discover Tamerlana's sarcophagus on 17 June, he encountered unforeseen troubles, which, according to a direct witness of Malika Kajagreement, wored a distinctly mystical character. All technical equipment, from reels and counterweights, to power generators and film cameras, have Ceased to function. Malik Kajumow was a trusted Uzbek film operator, awarded with a film documenting the construction of the Ferganian water channel. In 2014, the In the age of 92 he was interviewed by the "Komsomolska Truth", in which he claimed that after the removal of the Nephrine tombous plate the Conqueror appeared another, this time marble, followed by three more, which significantly prolonged the work. In the last phase, the team was accompanied by senior party officials and the NKWD officers. June 21, 1941 Finally, a wooden capper appeared, on which engraved the inscription in Persian language warning against the violation of Tamerlana's calm. The Consequence of sacrilege was to be an imminent catastrophe of global dimension. As the filmmaker mentions, at the time of opening the coffer after the mausoleum, a narcotic smell has been spread, which was not accompanied by the examination of the remains of the other Timurides. For The unsolved reasons, the light was extinguished and Malik could not record the actions that were interrupted. The Atmosphere was very nervous, which is why the documentalist went to the nearest tea room. There, he met three old men who had rewarned before the destruction of the remains of Timur. In evidence they showed a sacred book containing prophecy of disaster. When Malik went to Soviet scientists, the old men and the book disappeared, but the owner confirmed their previous presence. Despite the fluctuations of Gierasimowa, the Uzbek party clerk ordered the continuation of the research. The Remains of the Iron Cult were removed from the cous and on the same day the evening was sent to Moscow. When the morning of June 22, 1941 War broke out, the curse was notified to the party overseer of Uzbekistan, who according to the Kajagreement ordered to silence the event to prevent social disturbance. However, the Case did not intend to leave the filmmaker who was soon to be a war correspondent. In the Summer of 1942, using journalist status, he met Georgi Zhukowska himself, whom he described an event asking for information to be communicated to Stalin.

We do Not know whether Zhukov passed a proper relationship in the Kremlin, but the fact is the reburial of Tamerlana in Samarkand. The Symbolic ceremony in the military position took place in early December 1942, after which the Red Army defeated the Nazis at Stalingrad. It is Not known what happened to the remains at that time, but Kajumow reached the memories of Soviet soldiers of Asian nationalities, who claimed that the relic was made among the Muslim formations on the front and its backside. Another coincidence occurred in the summer of 1943, when after the victory on the Kursk, Stalin ordered the full reconstruction of the Samarkand Timurid Mausoleum, allocating several million rubles. Is there a rational explanation for such events?

Stalin's Mysticism

The generality Of the Generalissimo to mysticism is now a legend. Stalin was an unfulfilled Orthodox clergyman who, before ordination, turned a seminary to the Bolshevik School of Terror. This Is a well-known fact, in contrast to a similar decision that was given by his friend from the seminary of Gieorgij Gurdjyev, known then in Europe mystic and visionary. Gurdjyev, drawing inspiration in Tibetan monks and Sufi derviches, reportedly had a profound influence on Stalin. It is U Gurdjjeva – the creators of the concept of the ideal man – Russian historians are in the mechanism of totalitarian social engineering introduced by Stalin. The Compounds of totalitarianism and mysticism can be seen in the Nazis, and in the Bolsheviks. Hitler drew racial theories from the Thule Society, and Himmler founded the research organization Anhenerbe, who sought out the otherworldly technologies and Aryan ancestors in the Tibetan monasteries.

It is Known that the model of his German colleague Stalin agreed to at least two NKWD research programmes devoted to mystical and paranormal phenomena. The First was a special scientific camp with the name "Elephant", which was contracted in the Solovská Łagrze. The Whole was directed by Gleb Bokij, and scientists and Mystics worked intensively with Siberian shamers. In 1937, the All were liquidated during the Great Purge in the ranks of the NKWD, but in 1939. The study was resumed under the codename "Androgen". It is also Known that the Yakov Blumkin's NKWD agent was in the 30s. To Tibet, where it was supposed to know the technologies and phenomena that were unknown. So Why was Stalin unable to believe in the mystical curse of the Timurides? All The more so in the situation of War disasters 1941 R. He believed in Orthodox Providence. It is Not known whether it is a legend or the truth, but during the defense of Moscow Stalin was supposed to give an order to the plane with the icon of Our Lady of Kazan made the celebration of the Soviet capital and defending its troops. In any case, in autumn 1941 Known for its miraculous strength, the image was evacuated from Leningrad to Moscow.

There is also a very rational explanation of the legends of the Timurids, confirming, however, that as in each, it also hides the grain of truth. After the disasters that posed the fate of the Soviet empire and Stalin himself, the bloody successor of Tamerlana was convinced of the unpower of the abstract ideology of communism. The Russians did not want to die for the happiness of the proletarian, but they were willing to fight to death for their homeland. As Early as October 1941, the During a conversation with the American diplomat Stalin said: "Soviet soldiers do not fight for me, just for Russia." And he recognized the power of national patriotism as an idea capable of reunite the inhabitants of the empire that had been humiliated. As we know, the integral component of patriotism is religion, which is why Stalin interrupted the atheistic propaganda and restored a limited freedom of religion for the time of war. For The orthodox Russians the patriotic symbol became the Holy war, with examples of the heroism of Kniazia Pożarski and Alexander Nevsky. For The Soviet Muslims the pattern could be only Tamerlan and its remains raised to rank the relic.

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