Mandala Meditation and Chakras

The Chakras or energy-central panels are like revolving doors between a particular and intangible Group of men. They Help move the activity from the mental world to the specific (in the meat of the man) and vice versa. A lot has been written on the chakras thread. In new Strings It is not unknown that such energy environments prevail in man's meat. The Chakras hold energy balance, balancing physical, intangible body and physical elements. From This excellent balance depends on financial, mental, as well as the growth of the soul. According to the beliefs of C. W. Leadbeater, the chakras are separated into three varieties: physical, mental, and deep. The energy is transformed between them. Some individual, from these energy centers has a direct reaction and a recognizable color. Smaller Energy Centers-lower chakras vibrate in darker octave. They are subordinated to the real body of the guest and his order in a boring living on the Planet. Larger centers determine the ideal, vibrate faster than the speed of light. The Seven first chakras most learned through the worker, located along the character of the coccyx, up to the edge of the head. 1. Root Chakra, MULADHARA. It Gives knowledge plus activity to all the Gron, gives physical energies, is the institution of kundalini. Among these chakras, the first step in the modernisation of man is glued. The Well-receiving energizes and signs the body, accelerates blood circulation, physical and skeletal system. It Provides a feeling of safety, self-confidence, character development. Her clubs are critical, measure, dissatisfaction, greedy. The Sleep of positive abilities, restlessness for health, inner emasiness, speeding into the world of dreams. It Is the seat of social responsibility. Mantra-LAM. Elemental-Earth. Color-Red. Number of Lotus flakes-4. Ton-C. Sense-Smell. Smell-Cedar, Patchouli. Gland-adrenal glands. Stone-Yarl, Ruby, Jasper, Pomegranate, Agat, Coral. 2. The sacral Chakra, SVADHISTHANA, found at the navel. It Manages the abdominal cavity, the genital organs, the urinary tract, examines all the fluids in the system, suffers from new human powers. The present chakra depends on the feeling of responsibility, pleasure, sex drive. Through This chakra we present our art, interest in being. Mantra VAM Elemental-water. Color-Orange. The Number of flower petals-6 Tons-D. Sense-Taste. Smell-Sandalwood, ylang-ylang-testicular Gland, ovaries Stone-yart, orange calcite, amber. HARA's navel Chakra. He Sees himself under the navel. It also Tracks the rejuvenation of the coarse intestine and the long, appendicians, kidneys, adrenal glands. It Exerts on the strength of the body on its warmth. Regulates blood pressure. It Is a component of the weight of plastics also a cognitive Instinct Institute. 3. The solar plexus Chakra (Surya), MANIPURA, located above the navel closer to the Sterel. It Brings potency and body Group, intelligence, the headquarters of "ego", subconscious also the central child. Manages abdominal cavity, diaphragm, stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas. For Her recommendation is energized all the body. It is the most current power plant in the human group. On the ceiling of the third chakra we are introducing the experiences of being, we know desires, emotions, good experiences stop deeper. Among the Chakras, the human being is applied to larger governments. The Proper importance of this chakra is mental stability, peace, acceptance of the same world. Good attitude with society, mastering your own needs-limitations, spontaneity, sincerity, openness. The negative Traits rising from the energy shortages in the third chakra are hatred, hatred, selfishness, the ability to train, unappreciated ourselves, the market we strongly allow ourselves, the world there are wide obstacles, irritate us decisions of others. Mantra-RAM. Elemental-Fire. Color-Yellow. Number of flower petals-10. Tone-E. Sense-Smell. Smell-cinnamon, rosemary, geranium. The-spleen Gland. Stone-citrate, yellow jasper, golden calcite, amber, topaz, Awenturyn. 4. The heart Chakra, ANAHATA, located on the bridge. Combined with the function of the heart also cardiovascular syndrome, immune system, growth, behind the noble honor of the back, skin, raises self-awareness and dedication. The Disturbed Book of this chakra causes heart ailments, respiratory tract, asthma, tuberculosis, tumors. The Gates to Dantien. It Collects volatile and spiritual energies. It Aligns the periods Of three lesser chakras as well as three larger, and the sinking of the Heart Chakra realizes the destruction of our Self. The heart Chakra also tackle with the third eye. Well balanced is a liking to another man, service in his subjects, self-acceptance, inner peace, fear disappears, great courage to the world, forgiveness. Unbalanced hypersensitivity. Mantra-YAM Elemental-air. Color, green-pink, gold. Number of flower petals-12. Tone-F Sense-touch. Gland-Thymus. Fragrance-Rose, Jasmine. Stone-Turmalin, pink quartz, green Advent, malachite., Kunzyt. 5. The throat Chakra, VISUDDHA, is detected on the cervical, just above the interclavicular hole. Associated with oral, larynx, tracheal, thyroid gland, lymphatic system, ears, speech center. He Explains the exchange, creativity, emotions. The energy Supply generates veracity, trusting in itself. Shortfall of initiative present interviews with repetition, lack of equilibrium of hearing others. A Higher increase in this chakra develops a light hearing. The fifth Chakra exists with the second-sacral chakra. First door to the Void of the Buddha. Mantra-HAM. Elemental-space. Color-Cyan. Number of Lotus Flakes-16. Ton-G. Sense-Speech, hearing. thyroid Gland. Stone, Turquoise blue, aquamarine, sapphire. 6. The third eye Chakra, AJNA, placed between the eyesight. Insists on the work of the pituitary gland, for an important nervous system, controls the mentality of an additional complete body, eyes, face, nose, opens intuition, third Eye, telepathy, command of oneself. The Diseases caused by the difference of this chakra are associated with a member of the senses, endocrine glands, diabetes mellitus, neurological disorders, allergies, headaches. The Vastest course of this chakra opens the third eye-clairvoyance, seeing Aura, parapsychiczne abilities. Knowledge flows intuitively, amazing artistic competences, abstract thinking. The energy Deficit results in an unpleasant thought, a fence in mind, a narrow sentence to new life situations. Such personalities will blame the second direct investigation board. Common headaches, hallucinations, nightmares. The Second gate to the Buddha Hole. Mantra-WOM, OM. Color-Indigo. Elemental-Mind, sight. Number of Lotus Flakes-96. Tone-A. Sense-The third eye, the sixth sense. Taste-hyacinth, mint, jasmine. Gland-pituitary gland. Stone-Lapis lazuli, fluorspar, Sapphire, Sodalit. 7. The Crown Chakra, SAHASRARA, situated on the edge of the head. It Manages the strategic nervous system, the pineal gland, the brain. Balanced brings peace, perfect harmony, we feel the care of the higher forces. It Develops deep knowledge, intuition, provides access to the chronicles of Akashy. It is a space gate, a crossroads with the most extensive source. The Third gate to the Buddha Hole. Mantra-OM, AUM. Color-violet, violet, white. Elemental-Great energy. Number of Lotus Flakes-1000. Ton-H. Sense-a ghost, higher senses. Fragrance-Lotus, lavender. Gland-pineal Glands. Stone-Amethyst, mountain crystal, diamond. In Addition to the seven main chakras, we use more five extremely significant chakras, while the position of the body of the man. 8. The eighth Chakra is gaining approximately 5-7 cm above the human mentality. So it Is a gate through which we can lower the body. More in the eighth chakra is the Akasha record. Indian Teacher Cheeroke Ywahoo called it a temple of understanding. There, it is rich to find complete messages dealing with karma, in what technology we are planning to teach in the current life, news about the figurated pieces with the known karma, their interpretation in their own food. And in modern chakras, messages are found as healing their own interests also tangible as well as spiritual, especially long-lasting weaknesses and cold relationships. It Contains the whole of Polish wisdom from past incarnations, memory, gates to the following numbers. Directly This chakra is the beginning for all shapes, timelessness. The last so-called. Its purpose. The size of this chakra is the opinion of our application, its manufacture or conversion. Color-Silver, ultraviolet. 9. Soul Chakra. A lot of girls think that there is a convincing among the most current chakras. It Is the seat of Polish psyche. The Ninth Chakra is positioned above the unit on the size of the stretched arm. His Own condition resembles a fungus, in men, in people there is a negative position. It Brings together any symbols, patterns. Each symbol acts analogously to a chromosome. Then in the last chakra the other grain is searched for in the next incarnation in the physical group. It is the whole soul's knowledge that flies From it. Color-gold or infrared. 10. Tenth Chakra-grounding. It Is housed approximately 1.5 feet below your legs. Color suits the floor in other characters, Yellow bronze, dark green, obsidian. Contains 4 elements: Fire, earth, water, air. It Gives the order of daily Energy, nouris the body, has relationships with a significant human routine, brings out in a constant life. In the last Chakra, the directives on the close routes of being-pedigree can be extracted. 11. The eleventh Chakra. Positioned on the palms of the hands and the scales. He Draws emotional energy. Color-Pink. 12. Twelgth Chakra. It Contains a number of initiatives with 32 points of grapes and energy. It Is found in a particular man's meat. Points 12 Of The Chakras are composed of: 1. Legs. 2. Buttocks. 3. The tail bone. 4. Cross-Bone 5. Lumbar Spine Section 6. Chest section of Spine 7. Cervical Spine Section 8. Skull 9. Silver cord of Soul 10. Soles of feet 11. Ankle at the leg 12. Knee length 13. Thigh 14. Hip 15. Sexual organs 16. Appendicias 17. Kidneys and the adrenal glands. 18. Thin intestine 19. Pancreas 20. Liver 21. Gallbladder 22. The spleen 23. Stomach 24. Diaphragm and lung 25. Shoulders 26. Hands 27. Wrist rests 28. Elbows 29. Collar 30. Throat 31. The outer part of the mind (the pineal gland, the pituitary gland, the salivary gland glands) 32. Fire in the soil. All These extremely mentioned chapters are tied to the spine. Chakra 12 is the intersection of all ordinary subjects in the group of men. The current Mine exists connected to the atmosphere. The Opening of Dantien's secret gates. The Development of chakras in man meat occurs on different sizes. At dawn, The chakras must develop. It is the current moments of a much lengthy process that living many incarnations. Such a gentleman exists disciple. It Comes in spite of this moment, as well as the force measures to wake up. The process of initiation is initiated. The First initiation takes place in the sacrous, where there is a theme with an angel. The Dormed and twisted snake of the kundalini is destroyed in a snake of wisdom. The kundalini Snake gives direction.. Then the two forces blend into a single one. The Ida and the Pigal duct fall into the Sushumna canal. They Stand with light-fire. It Is a radiance that is reflected precisely in the protection of the word of Power, transmitted through the Lord. The Sushumna Channel symbolizes the Father, I Prefer. Pigala is Mom, matter, intelligence. Ida-Son, soul, passion and logic. The Aspect of the three elements-the triple flame, the Holy Ghost. The Expanding fire of the kundalini stimulates each chakra. It is deadly and unwise to raise the energy of kundalini. The Body desires to live consistently. Premature release of this strength that will make an unpleasant perseverance in human reason, lead to incurable internal diseases. Only unaware and little teachers of New Directions Kundalini-Yoga argue that the activity of the Kundalini can form an exalted cross-corpse to the center of the head by teaching also the trauma. The Measure to release the Kundalini energy is always in the paws of God. He, on the contrary, He probably cleaned this shot to the end of the mountain. The Second Enlightenment is the assumption of the path of knowledge and the progress of the mental predisposition. It is Formed at the height of the second chakra. The Third introduction is a valuable true spirit-a solar weave. The Fourth initiation, when the heart chakra is being led. It Adds its strength to the light-awakened kundalini with fire at the height of the fourth chakra. In this order, the employee's consciousness is seriously changing. A new path is reported, exceeding the desires of the physical world into the sphere of the inner world. Someone opens a truly understanding of Idol and a familiar position in the Cosmos. The heart Chakra transforms the prowess into an abundant space octave. The High vibration of this envelope allows the inclusion of chakras, they obtain an abundant honor of divine light, which in the penalty sends to their divestitons greater than the speed of light, the changes of the whole tones. In the flesh of someone begins to flow the Consciousness of Christ. Human Consciousness focuses on a mysterious organization with ISAAC, a communion. You can Probably say that it suffles with the one Cup, from among the Generous Great Consciousness of Christ. "Then He would make the cup and after giving thanks, he said, <Weźcie go="" dodatkowo="" pozdzielcie="" pomiędzy="" siebie;…="">> Then he took the bread, refused to give thanks, and broke it, and handed it <> </>to him saying.</Weźcie> So Individual A cup after dinner, saying: This Cup is therefore the Current Association in my Paint, which will be poured out too. " (Lk 22, 17; 19-20) There is a crisis in the existence of a man. Everyday Affairs, such a great previous demand in the desires of an individual for earthly happiness realizes to melt. Looking for ever-highly God-truth, he develops our pions for future science. It Slowly modifies its memory. The Crucifixion of Jesus is an extraordinary sign, a sea and a revival. It Disappears as traditional, it comes down to anything novel, previously mysterious in human form. Completing The fourth initiation gives the man from the world of thought into the world of three consecutive Miraculous qualities: The larynx Center, Ajni and the crown. Then There is a guest connection process in three worlds. Transformation. "THE HOLE is going TO be RESURRECTING And EXPERIENCING." The material World Dies, the second type develops. Its meat changes into essential meat. A slow connection Occurs with the Lord. All the individual chakra above the heart chakra begins to tighter the Heavenly Father's Gate. She Distributes to a significant independence from the world of physical senses, attaches to cosmic energy-the Consciousness of Christ. "You are one who witnesses to me that he said, I am not the Messiah, but I have been sent to Him." (Jn 3, 28) The many old People, who are very familiar with the material world, with a separate private happiness, now in this factor open the next incarnation. They Note Every one of our terms, as likewise new unfulfilled wishes, applied to the wind of words, exercised in themselves the successful emotions (sins) on the drive of the eighth chakras. Like we can do nothing in nature is not killed, sooner or later also demands-non-fulfillment (energy) wish to fill (materialize). Such a personage refers to a tangible life. It Is still heavily merged with a separate "ego", that is, discussing with the third chakra of the solar plexus possibly from the two yet, the cult and the root. Jesus ' Words: "Answer only as much as it should or not." I Myself firmly believe that the puncture of the spear of the Heart of Jesus is also a popular sign. The next season will Come-spiritual. The Evolution of man, the threshold-the impression of the representative to the superior level of the person, Christ. This carefully from the current phase of the world began to come to the stigmatist, a man carrying on the benevolent circle of Jesus ' wounds. Saint. Teresa of Avila repeatedly returned for the wound, which she gave in her heart. And St. Catherine of Siena, Padre Pio, Teresa Neumann, Catherine Emmerich. All current ideenders are the symbol of the wheel with the Idolem. Common Fun, common Cup. We Study their dependencies, in the atmosphere and in the comments they left behind. Their proud testimony. They Present The Polish ride to God. On the style of the fourth Chakra, man creates his own center for complaining others. Does not feel about home bets. It is Experienced by the Door of the Vast Cosmic Essence. Begins a trip to the broader gates of initiation, to the so-called. Three Buddha-Pustek. He leaves for the global relationship with the Supreme. Prayer. We Often give ourselves a question that naturally really should pose? We are Increasingly wearing the fact of staying in it. Lack of time, haste, clutter orders, and responsibilities to complement our everyday life, makes us neglecty about it. Or we bounce it on the current moment of the evening, when the old day has gone off, and we fall exhausted with what you would need to face. And We are permanently unhappy – of us the only modern Polish prayer, which is barely a substitute for what the human heart intends. We can Not induce it, but actually a lot of it treats us to express… Prayer is a special zero, as my separate discussion with the Lord. Dialogue, in which I also, when the Supreme, we create one another mass to slaughter. I speak not a monologue, in which I explain my list of needs and complaints, and I practice the Director to question, translating the world after a personal well, judging that I know exactly from Him, which is what makes me perfect. The last Prayer of my own line with the Current one, which will endure to me everything present, what pregnancy, and how it contains a simple innate order to complete my facts and a natural impulse for my life. Also loved to confuse, knowing perfectly when and what he can recognize. The Conversation always applies but how we do it, or if at least we need to consider a lot of our own interlocutor. Such a discussion, based on mutual knowledge, is freed up by fascinating dialogue, which we must further too much, after a professional time plus in any state of close roads with the Creator we begin to dream. For as we realize that we can say to Him, and to entrust everything, and how we raise ourselves to find a reaction to close material problems in His sayings, appreciate in the employees that he returns to us; We will desire this negotiation and we shall develop it on any day, at present at dawn, sending simple teachings toward Him. At the point when we begin a very moody correlation with the Creator, we will understand that the current One is intrating forms and that the proper styles do not stop their own absolute problems. Although He will surely liquidate them and heal, free, strengthen, sanctify. The Lord, who with any individual realizes his natural devotion and what is the authentic prevention of those who have entrusted Him. From a few years the Mandala constantly experiences new followers. We provide the original impressive objects and teams that make it easier for us to relax through a variety of architectures and tones. A Multum of roles believes in printing, white and black to be able to dye them independently. The Word Mandala calls the "Holy circle". It Represents the cycle of destination in Hindu breeding and among Buddhists. Always on the "mandala", we arrive at the theory of mysticism and voluminous energies. We will gain an individual from its important functions today. The Mandala works relaxed and breaks down stress. You Crave to know very much? Mandala – What does her mysticism believe? Let's Talk about the present at all, in addition to what it favours. A Mandala is an energetic demonstration of being in which colors choose a kind of hair, also aids. It Is clearly often viewed, on a pattern, among the Tibetan community. Mandala is a short-circuit of the world of spiritual, nature, sensitivity and health. Relaxing Mandala Precisely because of the mystical point of finding, a mandala is additional qualities: it Overwhelmed your plant with positive energy, bringing certainty and fortune. As It rotates the bad energy in friendly, it is presumed to heal healing. It Represents the weather also calm. Visually, it is an artistic manifestation, which is a consolation. Mandala also place colors Mandala full Of symbols you probably want to know what place each of the colors used. The symbolism of any of the circumstances? Remember that the mandala is in the Hindu tradition. Then we will explain the Aurach and chakras. Red. Represents the first chakra. It Sends us a group, a value of friendships and predispositions. Also the shoe. Orange. The Second Chakra. The color of trends and optimism. It Is a perfect force in any of us that brings us to meet the outlined plans. Yellow. The Third Chakra. What does yellow color say to us? It Means intelligence, intelligence and Liberation. Green. The Fourth Chakra. The Color of faith and health. It is likewise a signal of harmony between love and the brain. Blue. Fifth Chakra. When you definitely shoot, Blue is a tone of peace. And praise. Indigo. The Sixth Chakra. He Saves us from communicating with the perfect Polish "me", making them divide the problems with prudent. Purple. Seventh Chakra. Magic Color. He Represents thought and soul. Pink: Eighth Chakra. This perfect color surrounds us with the most expensive and friendly. More charm. Mandala for reducing the stress of a mandala Circle Current years ago, a mandala is generally devoted to education. Often these are the freshest. They Grow to focus, manifest feelings by choosing colors and shape their intellectual knowledge. In the case of the responsible ladies, the mandala contains similarly interesting benefits. These Include: Drawing is a pleasant relaxation exercise. Colours, architecture and profiles make your sense and vision rest. The Mandala seems to be harmoninely troublesome, which implies that we also make a very pleasant trip to other colors. Some people remove these dense hues, which is achieved by the end of their home spiritual state. So there is a super effective exercise that manifests feelings. Like They've added, a mandala can make me much or anything troublesome. Its coloring probably Last take with less than half an hour, up to 2 days. So the time that you can be alone with yourself, from Your reflections and friendshipmates. It Is the last excellent opportunity to leave a permanent motive. In the picture below, a "hollow" mandala is selected, convinced to color. You can get them in separate handers or print from free websites, which is specifically a lot. It is a complete style on the progres of artistic workshops and emotional responsibility. You can color together among Your daughters. You will Improve their concentration while you endure their lust. They will probably be energiated! The British president of the Spirit World, Diana Cooper claims that the chakras are as gates between themed worlds and the Devil. Through them, we can exaggerate the strength of the spiritual world to a friend of the body, to support the chakras. On the Other hand, using the strength of the chakras, we can get rid of stress, restore energy cooperation in the body, strengthen endurance, and even remove the disease. What's nothing, while meditating and energizing chakras we can get out of the national helpers to contact and invite for advice! Twelve Helpful Angels Among the men, dozens Of chakras, or energy relations, are discovered. Usually we are interested in only seven basic. However, Diana Cooper in a simple meditation reaches over from the auxiliary five (1, 4, 10, 11, 12). Any of the 12 integrated chakras exist among a personal angel. Behold, when it comes to meditate with good chakras: light a white candle. Sit with an upright spine. Close your eyes. First, Wake up your chakras, imagining how You "set" each after the series – going from the inclined to the Twelb's – or visualling when they open the swirl. Then imagine a spinning over a home person with a golden ball that gradually starts and packs white light into you. It is the cosmic gate through which the courage of angels and the world fills you. Now concentrate on the chosen chakra, expressing in the teachings – be it a tone – the name of the demon connected to it and remove it from a familiar need. Such meditation over one chakra should not be a moment than a quarter of an hour. Present yourself as a ghost is doing your case, feel your fascination. Thank you For the shore. 1. PLANET EARTH CHAKRA Your Planet of Earth is detected under your feet. It is the Eden Park, which consists of life-giving potential. He Holds the Archangel Sandalphon over him, who joins you with the forces of the Earth. Meditation ad: Tell yourself that you are exceptionally holding your feet on the floor, from which you gain energy through the brown Earth Star. Say aloud: "I Am successful and I take care of our dedication." On The result, ask the Archangel Sandalphon to take you to a protective sphere of energy against the black concepts and works of those inhabitants, how they could hurt you. 2. The BASE CHAKRA In The fifth aspect, your Chakra combines the exponence of fire with the science of dolphin Energy. This Chakra Goverles The Archangel Gabriel, bringing a rest to the freedom that your imagination will fulfill. Meditation: Gently Rub the end of the spine in the lower back. Say aloud: "I Trust that the world is caring for me and I exist comfortable." Ask the Angel Gabriel to sit at you while he was a counsel. 3. SACRAL CHAKRA (Cross) In The fifth dimension, the Chakra radiates divine love. The Archangel Asmodel supports her direct responsibility to let me in total be able to denounce our beloved. It is a priority for the life of a co-worker in survival and sympathy. Meditation: Imagine that among your chakras (gaining three toes under the navel) spurts pink light. Say aloud: "I Observe and respect in my own being beings of love." On The goal of your own words, ask the Angel Asmodela to make a covetty trust in your fairy tales with the opposite individuals. 4. The SOLAR CHAKRA Emanates Orange fires in the fifth spiritual aspect. Its emitting acts the immunity of the Archangel Zadkiela. With the last one, you announce the desired energy that fits around your world. Meditation: Introduce A light orange light that spreads radiated from your navel (there you gain this chakra). Say aloud: "I'M filled with sunny speed and subtability." Ask the Archangel Zadkiel to continue to shine on your warmth of love. 5. SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA The Archangel Uriel cares for this chakra, dividing you from small and unhappy emotions. At the Same time strengthens trust and brings you the thought. Meditation: Gently Massage Your Radiant package also imagine that it is becoming more and more seriously nice plus sunny. Say aloud: "I am a bright, well-known price, and my courts are filled with wisdom." Ask the angel Uriel to brightener your chakras with gold certainty that you are continuing. 6. The HEART CHAKRA Archangel Chamuel begins to take you on the deepest space experience – and the right – good. All Archangels sustain their own resistances in the inner city of your heart, so that I fly from it to the fifth dimension of pure white power of love. Meditation: Tell yourself that every breath from your centers (the bridge) radiates ever brighter and truer light. Say aloud: "I like and present is the most enjoyable thing that has been wrinkle in existence." Ask the Archangel Khamuela to continue to fill your heart with love. 7. THROAT CHAKRA In The fifth aspect, this chakra emanates the royal blue, and The Guardian is the Angel Michael. With His recommendation, you can relate the truth to your representatives, and they will believe your words. Meditation: Tell yourself that the throat chakra fills the blue. Say aloud: "I Observe integrity and logic." Invite the individual words of the Archangel Michael to help you hold the directives of the modern world. 8. THIRD EYE CHAKRA With the Archangel Raphael's command, you won't be able to get a glimpse of the illusion that is pulling the world that restricts you and because you notice it in correct relationships. Meditation: Tell yourself that the number of eight is full of flawless purity. Say aloud: "I am interviewed". Ask the angel Raphael to keep you in the work of cognition. Ad 9. CROWN CHAKRA On This chakra (just above your parietal) with the dimension of a thousand petals of the flower is kept by the Archangel Jophiel. In The fifth dimension, he repairs your self and puts it in the wisdom of the universe. Meditation: Introduce A thousand crystal petals that delight your chakras. Say aloud: "I am the Universe." Ask the Archangel Jophiel to give you an unchanging distance to begin with some sensations escaping from the physical world. 10. The BASE CHAKRA is the base of the three transcendent chakras. The Archangel Christiel retains it with a fresh, flicker-free white that floods your brain with the end and serenity of the spirit. Meditation: Visualize your chakras as the substrate of the brightest white, whose radiant spark pulsates over your intelligence. Say aloud: "My priorities are clean." Ask the angel Christiela to fill you with relaxation. 11. The SOUL CHAKRA In Her is the activity of your spirit, which puts the memory of your karma. Thanks to Archangel Mariel, you understand who you are, do not visit, and which destinations you are going to achieve in the current globe. Meditation: Imagine a burning star shining in You bright red. Say aloud: "I Am determined to make a karmic destiny." Ask the Archangel Mariela to help him do the deciding plus responsibly. 12. STAR GATE CHAKRA It is Illuminated by a gold-coloured light, and its master is the Archangel Metatron. With it, you apply weight from the attacking world. Meditation: Tell yourself that you have formed a clear gate in you. Say aloud: "I Associate with the world to go the opportunity I'm going to face." Ask the Angel Metatron to carry you through the pathway of mind release to the broader degrees of spiritual existence. Here are the different names of the law, drawing on the opposite substrates: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * You are known issues and the sum of what happens to Your being is the result of Your teachings. Your Fantasies ATTRACT All the making you see. 2. Similar to the whole-if you do not have a nice area so you "bring" to yourself happy events, the condition of additional men, and if you think negatively you are approaching negative phenomena, positions in addition to citizens. Determine How many rules exist in the current premise-You would probably have made you fulfill one effect that I set You in sensational humor, which was made by the other, which had been sprinked with a favorable vitality also extravaganza to Residence. For that You also happened that the attractiveness of the current did not work out, or that there was any question in the apartment that had been predicted to be wrong, he assumed that the general is absurd and abandoned in cloudy and unwilling fantass and characters. Did He hear that how beautiful You managed to exist in a good mood, as I intended positively, and also hid a strong question? He was successful with the result, everything was guided by getting honest and happily; Was little "happiness"? And you noticed that since the Modern preparation did not come out, when there was a tragedy also felt bad so the following steps were also terribly gone? You Suffered a loss, you met bad people… You had "bad luck"? Or can you put men who constantly complain about the tip, the capitals, the maintenance? What are the pessimists and the eternally mean that they will not succeed a bit –? See… Any of them brings down the sad, monotonous, absolute absence of capital and the destiny of existence… Or Do you know the representatives who are optimists? The Guys are always suppose that whatever you succeed, even though the failures emphasize that nothing has happened – that the next is completely successful? In the tail of a man who counts in himself… Who think, grind and keep up with our imaginations, despite the fact that the rest declare that they are unfulfilled and dark? Such representatives are wealthy, such a man will lead exciting, full of satisfied dreams and blessings of continuation. The Obligation of Attraction is on the easy system: You are a plot of the universe, you are speed, and Your fantasies actually how and imagine strangers guests wander around the universe. Everything you remember constantly, the sum of what you practise every day, every hour, every minute, generally in what you believe – stops Your unconscious value, and Your subconscious will automatically show you to the "universe" that you've been aiming for – You are interested in the space then you are coming. The Subconscious can not know so also unpleasant-the subconscious recognizes that the fullness of what you think is what you plan to achieve-if you did not depend on the modern not thinking – because it takes the sum of what in its rivers if you give You then what Think. By Presenting The doctrine of the Law of Attraction, too, the "Universe" is an establishment, and Your pronunciation will acquire for You what you need – If you are going to be good about groches, love, your aspirations – you'll get. If you always think of financial problems, Your failure to be affective, Your life luck, you will get that much more. For the Universe and Your subconscious mind there is no scale – any end, while some idea exists only to complement what it should give. Borrowed from the blog: Law of Attraction – some of the global laws of the Cosmos, which are actually the only thing in the success of gravity. For a complete hour. But Few of us know what the recipe is like. The Base of the age is determined by whatever you get (encouraging yourself) in earning: What you are experiencing, how much money you have, how you prepare in the knot, what happens to us. In Fact, the Law of Attraction heals constantly and all the scope of action, hence it is incredibly important that it eats to endure also to learn to receive from the current advantages Taken from the blog: of Attraction It Was Written on the current element, said tons of pieces. The Pattern is that all of us have a sincere magnet. We Always pull to each other the reports, which guarantee the Polish first content. Dam Typical model: It is the current resonance Bauko. When in a thick apartment we are two pianos and we will go in the C key on the individual of them, so after the experience to another piano we will notice that it vibrates in before such a lonely string C. According to the last being, we acknowledge the aspiration to live The positions that vibrate in the structure with the most important concepts and excitement. The Latest news is that if we know a lot of what we are going for and who we are planning to sit with, we will attract them to personal survival. Accepted from the blog: the Principle of Bringing To You may have lived in a familiar experience such conditions, in which you thought about the cure also happened. After The village, he extracted himself. Probably was therefore a detail in addition to even the current did not notice, but I bet that old things. The Universal Rule of the Universe: the Law of attraction. It Mentions that you also bring a private life to the sum of what you are already focusing on. What surrounds You, the plight you are in, the people who surround You, the production, etc. Then the whole has attracted to its existence knowingly or unconsciously. The Secret counts on the last to move consciously to receive from the last justification interesting things, lords and configurations that You also participate in. Several days Of The present lasted at the stop by sending home. It Was raining and I had no umbrella. Getting wet, I noticed how the car rides and costs from the stop of a boyfriend. I Thought it was beautiful to include such friends who would double your office. In The current period drove the car, opened the door and the wedding asked: "That Person to bring?" After a while he stood quickly in a warm car with a smile on his lips. "You Often Move your strangers?", I asked. "In fact, it's not at all." replied the astonited woman. You Think, you shoot plus you achieve. Well then it comes.

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