Protective Rituals for curses and charms




Protective Rituals for curses and charms-Lumira

The Book describes the secrets of the Russian healer Lumira – protective Rituals for curses and charms. The Book was released by the Studio Astropsychology.


She Is a healer and a shaman, native to Kazakhstan, now lives in Germany. In His activities he uses knowledge in the field of meditation, kinesiology and reincarnative therapy. She Is the author of books Discover the source of health and Rejuvenation of the body.

Defend yourself from the curse

Lumira begins his book with a description of meditation and rituals that protect newborn children. Thanks to the Lumiry instructions we can connect with our inner child. The Healer shows how to recognize and neutralize the attack of black magic. Among The magical attacks are: evil gaze, love spells, wish of misery, curse. Lumira describes how to free ourselves from their influence.

Burling magically are also swearing and promises, so it's worth knowing how to free them. A Very serious magical action is possession, you should know what it is and how to protect yourself.

Lumira teaches you how to work with energy and cleanse yourself, your home, the garden and the closest area.

Excerpt of the book-Removal of spells and healing

Buddha said: When He suffers a wise man, he asks himself: What have I done so far to free ourselves from my suffering? WHAT else can I do to overcome them? Meanwhile, an unwise man who suffers, asks: Who did it to me? -Chich Chat Hanh

In order to get rid of black magic, we can use healing rituals, affirmations and energy purification. In a new time, after our land has increased the level of its vibrations, it is much easier to get healing in many ways. We no longer need long sessions to Do multi-annual therapy.

In the new time of the fifth dimension, we should follow the direction of charity and accept the world and ourselves. Today, it is much more important to point out the sense of communion with oneself and self-acceptance, rather than to take on the role of your sacrifice. We Should focus on what we already have and what we would like to achieve. While in pain and grief, we are intensified by the action of dark magic and open ourselves to lower vibrations, and we attract non-physical beings who eat our sense of inferiority and our fears.

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