Sky Burial in Tibet

Creation cannot take place due to the shortage of firematerial, and the frozen or stony ground prevents it from being buried. In such situations, the corpse is destroyed e.g. With the help of predous birds. One such place is the Tibet in which the corpses are exposed to the fire of the knots and the burial has gained the name "sky" or "air". In Addition, it also believes that the birds carry the subtle body of the deceased in the state of Bardo, which is an indirect condition of existence. This Is the state between death and rebirth.

According to Tibetan beliefs, the intellect leaves the body at the time of death, while the man at every stage of his life (and also death) should be useful. It is therefore a Good deed to donate the birds of the body to the Żer, where the body is food and symbowell contributes to life.

The Exception to this burial is only the Dalai Lama and the Panczelama, whose bodies are amelled and covered with gold..

Nowadays, the Tibetan region where the most common are the air fundrages (the so-called Sacrifice for birds) is the Tibetan Autonomous Region. Sky fundals are practiced in all areas inhabited by Tibetans, including the Indian territories of Ladakh or Arunachal Pradesh. The Rite was completely banned in 1959. But fifteen years later, after numerous requests from the monks and Tibetans, the Chinese government restored them.

In Lasie, the capital of Tibet in hotels tourists encounter warnings about the prohibition of visiting and photographing the air burial sites. The Authorities rely on the right of national minorities and, consequently, for breaking it down – severe penalties.

However, You can find areas where nobody bothers the presence of tourists and although it is officially banned, in practice shows that you can witness this extraordinary burial.

The burial Itself takes place after about 3 days during which religious ordinances are going away, including the reading by the priest of the Book of the Dead.

The Place of burial is the slopes of the mountain on which they hang flags with written prayers and sentences. It is Currently located about 1100 of these places. The Burial is done by specially designated people called Ragjapas.

Then The naked body is transported to the slopes of the mountain where the monks pray for the soul of the deceased, they intonate the songs. After the prayers are finished, the body is ponacined, quartered and thrown By knots. It Should also be noted that in the area where the sky burial takes place huge amounts of large, predous birds. Vultures are waiting for the victim because they know that sooner or later they will receive it.

The Body is torn off by birds that fight for every bite. A Monk or a grave keeper is constantly watching this extraordinary ordinance. The Bones are split into a special flat stone, because nothing has the right to be wasted.

Like in Tibet, Air fundrages were also practiced from Mongolia until the beginning of the 20TH century. They Differed only in the fact that the corpses were not cut, but left in the stepper of birds and other animals. After reaching the power of the Communists, this form of burial was forbidden to bury the body in the Earth.

Among the countries practicing these peculiar ordinances were also Persia, Iran and India. The Corpse was left in the so-called "Towers of Silence" which were circular structures of bricks or stones. The Exaltation of the body over the earth and laying it on the tower, was dictated by the belief that the dead body is impurity ie. Contaminating the earth and fire.

In Persia, the towers of silence were placed on the tops of the hills away from human seats. Gradually, however, this habit has disappeared, mainly because of the numerous prohibitions of the authorities in both Persia and Iran.

The tradition of these peculier burials is Still practiced by the Parsów in India. Just as in Tibet, he follows the message of the Act of mercy of the human body and "devotion" as a food for the birds.

For us, Europeans these practices seem shocking. Keep in mind, however, that the approach to life, body and spirituality is very diverse. It Is mainly due to faith, tradition, the region and determines the whole sphere of life and death. Something that is unacceptable for us, for others can be quite natural. Humiliveness and respect for "disparity" are what should go together with comprehension and lack of judgement. After All in culture, the death of "earthly" is the end of biological existence on earth and the spirit goes away… Air Fundals also give tribute to the body and it is important to finish it.



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